"We believe the best design solutions are born out of a collaborative process."

We are a design studio, and we take on projects as a team, allowing for constant interoffice collaboration. We also see our relationship with our clients as a collaborative effort. We bring our professional experience and knowledge to the table, and the client brings a singular understanding of their needs and desires. Together, we take a collection of disparate requirements and bring a design concept into focus.

This focus leads to an efficient use of resources. The value of architectural service is the return on the investment in the long term. We have seen that a gross misallocation of resources is possible when all aspects of a design problem are not considered fully, and this happens all too often in our fast-paced society. We offer design solutions that meet the client’s needs–and that go beyond that to be responsible, beautiful compositions in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A well-considered design at the front end of a project means that materials and construction costs are kept low and expensive problems are more likely addressed in design instead of messy fixes mid-construction. This not only saves the client money, but also provides a cohesive aesthetic and a seamlessly functioning building.

We see sustainable design as design that uses energy and resources with the deference they deserve. Sustainability is not merely the use of highly technical “green” products and systems. It can be that, but more often it is the employment of techniques that are borrowed from our building heritage that have been tested over many generations and continuing to refine these principles (deep overhangs to provide cooling shade from the summer sun, well insulated buildings that shed water). It is making buildings and sites that will still be valuable years down the line—assets for future generations and models for future development and use of resources.