"Sad but true: most houses are built without architects."

People tell us that they wish they had known about our services before their houses were built. From “the roof didn’t work from the plans” to “we wish we had worked with someone that could have helped us plan better,” we have heard it all. Construction is stressful; we try to make it less so.

We have worked on projects in a variety of sizes. From a small bathroom addition or remodel to the planning of a new house, we don’t leave much to chance. While most houses get built with only 6 sheets of drawings and the contractor guessing on how you want something to look, the last complete set of plans for a house we designed was over 60 sheets of drawings. We worked with our clients hand in hand through the whole process, so that at the end of the design process everyone felt comfortable.

We understand that this is your house and we want it to be your house. We will help steer you in the right direction that will work best for you and your budget.

Please give us a call or email us to talk about your ideas.

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